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innovative video-based training that works:
for carers, health & social care workers & students

We want to make sure the message of The Closer We Get reaches people across the UK who work daily with those with life-limiting, chronic or terminal illnesses.

We have already trained over 700 people working in health and social care, and were able to design and test a pilot programme for carers supported by funding in 2016 & 2017 from a Bertha BRITDOC Connect Award.
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this pilot!

  • We have now collated our Evaluation Report which is now available to read and download here as a PDF.
  • For a 2 x page Executive Summary of what we achieved and how, check in here.

looking for training?

Our 'See Beyond Stroke' training can be completed in 45 minutes.
All you need are the means to watch either a DVD (or the clips online) and some pens: it's that simple.
To access the Training Resources and take part in See Beyond Stroke, read on.We price our training affordably on a case by case basis, starting at £5 per head. We are a non-profit company.

What's on offer:

  • A 'How To' Guide
  • A suite of short Extra Scenes to watch
  • A Trainee Worksheet for individual or group reflection
  • A Trainer Evaluation Form
  • A Certificate of Completion

Download our PDF of See Beyond Stroke: Easy 'How To' Guide

We know that carer training varies widely across the country, so get in touch if you'd like us to tailor something to your needs.


The 'How To' Guide

This provides guidance on the four steps involved in using our resources within a training environment or in your workplace.

The Guide is available as hard copy printout by or download it (PDF, 364KB).

The Extra Scenes

These are short video clips (2-3 minutes duration each, 7 clips in total) created from powerful material shot for the film, each with a clear learning outcome for viewers. Each clip addresses specific stroke-related issues, e.g. food and diet, physiotherapy at home, the impact of stroke on the family unit and mental health and wellbeing.

The clips are available for screening on DVD, to stream online and to download. We send you them after you've been in touch.

The Trainee Worksheet

This is a PDF designed to invite personal and group reflection, with spaces for trainees to write in. We have worked with advisors from stroke care, medicine, social care and public engagement and added our own guidance for discussion topics before, during and after screening the Extra Scenes.
We are also happy to tailor a Learning Resource Kit in line with any specific requirements you have - just ask.

The Worksheet is available as hard copy printouts by post or download it (PDF, 366KB).

The Trainer Evaluation Form

This Evaluation Form is designed to help you monitor and record your experience of the training and of trainee responses, and to plan the delivery of more training using the resources.

The Form is available as hard copy printouts by post or download it (PDF, 342KB).

What we've achieved already

A host of See Beyond Stroke screenings, workshops and panel sessions have already taken place in a wide variety of venues, including.

  • NHS Fife physiotherapists (Dunfermline)
  • Speakability Group (Aberdeen)
  • North Argyll Carers (Oban)
  • Screen Machine Scotland (Bettyhill & Arran)
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Stroke Folk (Ayr)
  • MacRoberts Arts Centre (University of Stirling)
  • Phoenix Cinema (Oban)
  • Blackpool Carers Centre

The director of The Closer We Get, Karen Guthrie, travelled with the film to these events and venues and shared her thoughts about this very personal film.

"It's been humbling to meet so many different people who are dealing with stroke every day. There's always laughter, and a few tears too!

My film helps carers and stroke survivors to talk openly about some tricky subjects - relationships, family, the future - perhaps for the first time.

With health professionals I've visited, the chance to talk freely outside a clinical situation is one of things they value the most. They also gain an insight into what happens when the medical crisis of stroke ends and the survivor returns to their own, now very different, life."

‘We are going to use these resources to help improve and enhance the quality of care that we provide not only to those who are stroke survivors, but also to others who suffer from severe health implications."
Greater Manchester Stroke and Neuro-Rehabilitation Operational Delivery Network

“There’s much to be learnt in the film by health workers and, indeed, by everybody.”

Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal

“It enhanced my understanding of stroke survivors holistically, not simply seeing their experiences from a medical perspective.”

Social Work student, University of Stirling

“‘The training showed me I am an important part of the individual’s life and of their families. It is important tomake a connection and to really get to know them both.”
Carer feedback from See Beyond Stroke pilot

For any enquiry on training or screening


In addition to using our training resources, you can screen the full film at events, seminars, training sessions, in the workplace or within a learning environment.

The film is available on DVD and via Digital Download - you can purchase a copy below.

The film is 87 minutes long and both the DVD and Digital Download come with a suite of brilliant Extras.

Please do drop us a line via our online form with an outline of your screening idea and we'll be in touch. And also let us know if you want to screen the film on DCP or Blu-Ray. We can accommodate!

Our Carer Training Pilot Programme was supported by the Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund

See Beyond Stroke
was developed in partnership with Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland and originally funded through Awards For All


Director / Producer Karen Guthrie leads all Impact & Training initiatives

Sally Hodgson was our Distribution Producer until September 2017, managing all our distribution, impact and training programmes.

Jen Skinner was our Outreach & Evaluation Coordinator for our See Beyond Stroke Carer Pilot