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The Genius of Caring

In its final fundraising day I'd like to point you to The Genius of Caring - here on Kickstarter.

This project originates in another 'family film' - The Genius of Marian - a son's eye view of a mother with Alzheimer's. This 'offshoot' is a web based interactive story sharing project that features documentary portraits of family caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias and allows users to contribute to a community story archive. The project offers a uniquely intimate glimpse into the caregiving experience and creates a powerful portrait of a community connected through compassion.

The objectives for the project are:

Catalyze meaningful conversations about Alzheimer’s and caregiving within families, caregiving teams and communities.

Promote interpersonal connection and a deepened understanding of caregiving and Alzheimer’s through arts and storytelling.

Broaden the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and family caregiving outside a clinical context for medical students, healthcare professionals and other service providers.

It's a wonderful idea and you can read more about the film and website here.

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