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See Beyond Stroke - the impact side of the film

Many of you know that alongside all the festival and cinema screenings we have been doing, we also strive to get the film to all sorts of harder-to-reach audiences who we feel it would benefit. Sometimes it's hard work but it has also been some of the most rewarding work I have done with the film. I grew up in a small town with no cinema, so I know what it's like to be on the outside looking in - so we have been really motivated to get the film to carers, health care workers, social workers and the like. Over 2018/19 we are working to get a really exciting project with the Scottish Prison Service's Learning Team off the ground, where the film will be used as a catalyst for discussion and reflection towards developing emotional literacy and related life skills.

In fact, I have been writing a Blog series on this very subject for the wonderful Scottish Documentary Institute website - you can read them here.

Here and now though I would like to point you to the two reports produced about all our Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund outreach and impact work, with our wonderful team of Sally Hodgson and Jen Skinner.
Now I know "Reports" doesn't sound gripping, but trust me, these are!
Look at some of the testimonials from carers we worked with:

‘I now have a better understanding of how the family members felt after Ann experienced the stroke and how big a change it was for them’ 

‘Made me feel important in my role as a carer and how much we are valued, I am very privileged.’ 

The Two-Page Executive Summary is here (PDF)

The Full Report is here (PDF)

If you are in health and social care training, or are a film-maker interested in distribution; if you're an impact producer or you work for a NGO or charity and are thinking of working with film, you will find some very interesting reading here  - I promise. Share and pass around, please.

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