The Closer We Get

How's it Going?

…you may well ask….

'Slowly and surely' is the answer!

Our composer Malcolm Middleton has been sending me all sorts of treasures for our sound track - even attempting the accordion in his quest for the film - including a cover version of Scots folk song "The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond" - which Wikipedia tells me was also recorded by AC/DC :-)
Sound designer Doug Haywood has been doing some subtle mixing and recording of wheels, dishes and breezes for the soon-to-be-finished sound mix. I've also been doing some final tweaks on my narration and checking and triple checking all the credits and thanks at the end of the film.
The submission of the film to festivals starts now too, so lots of form filling over the next few months too….

Lastly, it was very sad a few months ago to hear of the passing away of Jack the cat (pictured above) who kept my family company for many years and patiently tolerated being filmed very often indeed - he's sorely missed.

Bye for now,


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