The Closer We Get

May Day Update

Creatively, I have also been writing and rewriting my narration for the film, sifting through family photos and even reading Ann's medical notes as background research. It's hugely enjoyable, and I will have very mixed feelings when I say 'It's finished'  - making this film has been the most immense support during such a traumatic personal loss, and I will miss it hugely when the work comes to an end.

The sound design and musical score of the film are being done by Doug Haywood and Malcolm Middleton respectively, and about now these chaps start to really spruce up the film with their magic. Sound 'tidying up' happens first - and this important but discreet process fills in any audio gaps or errors and really 'furnishes' the film - e.g, we might need a door shutting, a hoist moving or Ian whistling at just the right point, and Doug is the person who deploys them to best effect, and then moves on to really designing how the sounds and music of the film really creatively enhance its story. Malcolm has already recorded some beautiful music for us which is working brilliantly and poignantly in key scenes - sparse guitar mainly, tuneful and wistful.

A very exciting event takes place next week for us in Manchester - part of the NW Stroke Association's visionary 'Science, Stroke, Art' creative season, which I recommend. We are holding a special private preview of the film with a small focus group including stroke survivors and neuroscientists, who'll give us their reaction to the film and help us brainstorm our marketing and outreach ideas for it. This is a real privilege and we hope it's the start of a wonderful relationship between the film and its audience.

We have also had some very positive feedback from a few film festival and TV people  - so that bodes well for a festival premiere later this year -watch this space….

My sister Alison has been busy sending out our popular Indiegogo Perk - our Heirloom Cakes baked to mum Ann's home recipes. It's been a delight to get the lucky recipients' feedback and see their photos, like this one (he tells us he shared the biscuits with his workmates)!

Bye for now, Karen

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